Alternative Energy Resources

Seeking out alternative energy source options is more important now than ever before, because of the rising cost of oil, our present economic situation and the threat of Global warming. In our present Global condition, we all should look to alternatives that may be available to us.A clean and renewable source of energy is from the use of wind turbines for your business or at home. In today marketplace there are several wind turbine devices to produce a renewable alternative source of electric power. Today they can be cost effective and provide plentiful electric energy for the small to large business and home.The terms wind energy or wind power describes the process by which the wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity. Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power.

Hybrid wind systems like these can be built in remote areas where off the grid is the only way to get power from a complete system.We can cut our ties from a world of escalating Global conflict if we put our efforts into these 3 Alternative Renewable Energy Resources. Our carbon footprint can be drastically reduced for our children future.The money saved by going to some of these alternative energy resources can be significant and may put a little extra in your pocket for your future and your children future.



Developing Clean Energy Resources Off shore

The latest innovations in clean energy resources have turned their attention offshore from wind turbines miles off the coast of Hawaii to energy powered by an ocean’s wave find out how the world is focusing their efforts on valuable sources of clean energy innovations seaward.Massachusetts has long been recognized as the “Whaling” State for its efficient use of whale oil as a source of fuel. But it is the 21st century after all, and their attention has turned toward green technologies, and most explicitly, the offshore wind installation at Cape Wind. The New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal will house the nation’s first facility to support offshore wind turbine delivery, assembly and installation, and will feature technologies similar to those found in European offshore wind sites.The Cape Wind project was partially approved in November when the Department of Public Utilities moved forward with the 15 year power purchase agreement plan with National Grid. That approval will continue to push the construction of Cape Wind’s project, eventually installing 130 turbines in Nantucket Sound via the experience from more than 800 offshore wind turbines already in place in Europe.

Through independent research, OPT’s technologies were approved under national and international standards including UL1741 and IEEE1547, in addition to the National Environmental Policy Act, which gave an FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact) result.OPT has been ocean-testing its technology in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans for several years,” said Charles F. Dunleavy, Chief Executive Officer. “Our engineers and marine operations personnel have worked hard to bring about this success. Grid connection is another significant milestone in demonstrating the potential for commercial status of our PowerBuoy technology. We thank the Navy and the Naval Facilities group for supporting this project as we move nearer to achieving their goals for the program.


Reasons behind using Energy Saving Lights

The sudden changes in the climate of the earth and the enhancement of global warming have raised concerns about saving the planet from getting depleted. It is not that people are not aware about the undesirable consequences of these transformations but they have developed a tendency to overlook at things. A variety of home appliances were invented to increase the percentage of comfort ability in life. But as it is said that every coin has two aspects: positive and negative. These appliances made the daily tasks much easier but on the other hand, the consumption of electricity consumption invariably increased. The situation has not gone beyond control as timely initiative can prevent the earth from becoming completely dark. The LED lamps are also used for decorative purposes. They are available in vibrant colors and designs which can be utilized for different occasions. Even they are installed in the headlights and taillights of the vehicles.

The enclosed thermal system pumps a fluid through pipes underground which absorbs the heat and brings it into the building. Heat exchange is preformed by a “Heat Exchanger” inline with the pipes that hold the liquid which cools in the summer and heats in the winter The bulbs of the floodlights installed in the stadiums are nothing but led lamps. When they glow altogether, the sight becomes fascinating. They are one of the best alternatives and can be easily substitute the carbon emitting bubs.

You need to check the consumption of power. Here are some simple steps which one can easily follow to reduce the over usage of electrical devices.Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners. It is true that air conditioners provide instant relief from the scorching heat by cooling off the room very quickly. But they also eat away lots of electrical units besides emitting the carbon monoxide gas from the back. This can save about $100 upfront cost.  Turn of the lights when not using them. Use natural light during the broad daylight. Replace the high voltage bulbs with energy saving lights at all the places.